Sump Pump Alarm Going Off? (One Mistake That’s Ruining You)6 min read

Sump Pump Alarm Going Off? (One Mistake That’s Ruining You)6 min read

Isn’t the beeping sound driving you crazy? I know. It’s super annoying, but, be glad that it is doing it’s assigned task.  But how do you reset or turn it off?

Sump pump alarm goes off for a reason. So, DO NOT turn it off or reset.  Find the root cause of the issue and try to resolve it.  It’s mostly a power interruption or failed pump or an obstruction in the drain line. Resolve. Don’t turn it off.

Do you realize that sump pump is one of the best lines of defense that you have in your basement against a whole bunch of issues?

Anything water related, flooded basement, water remediation, mold and mildew and every related to flooding.

You can solve all those issues when you have a fully functioning sump pump.

But how do you know if it’s indeed working and working properly? The alarm is the auditor that keeps a check on your pump.

And it lets you know when the pump fails.  So, don’t curse the alarm, just be thankful.

What Should I do When My Sump Pump Alarm is Sounding?

What NOT to do?

Don’t unplug a sump pump when your alarm is going off.

Well, there is no point with unplugging.  But that is probably your first reaction. Just resist.

It is a sign of something going wrong. Unplugging is like keeping your eyes closed when a fast-moving car is approaching you.

It will lead to a disaster. And you will have to do a water remediation effort from doing this.

What to do?

When the water rises in the container (6” below the lid) your sump will start beeping.

Remember the water shouldn’t raise because sump pump’s job is to eject the water out.

The alarm is there to warn you that the sump pump isn’t working (or working fast enough)

All this is to say one thing.

Find the root-cause reason why the alarm is beeping.  That is the very first step.

There are a few repeating themes as to why it beeps

Reasons why your alarm is beeping

  1. The sump pump isn’t getting the power
  2. Malfunctioning or non-working sump pump
  3. The battery isn’t charging (or drained) and can’t run the pump
  4. Clog in the discharge plumbing (or broken pipe)
  5. Extreme weather is dumping water and your pump can’t keep up

Once you identify for the reason, you need to start addressing the issue and that may involve fixing.

“90% of the calls received by plumbers (with regards to the sump pump) is lack of power to run the pump.”

Caution: Do not use an extension cord.  You must hook up the sump pump directly into an outlet.

Quick Fix:

  • Remove the sump pump cord from the outlet
  • Let it rest for a minute
  • Check/test the outlet for power (use another small appliance to see if it works)
  • Re-plug the sump pump in the outlet and see if it works

Scenario – No Power

Check the breaker and try to reset it and do the above quick fix steps

Scenario – Breaker keeps tripping and/or No power

Check if your house has power elsewhere. If no power in the house, then call your utility company to fix.

If it’s only a localized issue (that is no power only to one outlet), then you can use an extension cord.

Remember this is a temporary solution.  So, call your electrician to come and fix the outlet immediately.

Scenario – Breaker trips when Pump engages

If your breaker stays on and trips when your pump is hooked, then you have one of two issues.  Either there is something wrong with the electrical or with the pump.

Turn the breaker on and plug in another small appliance to see if it’s a wiring issue. If so call your electrician to fix the electrical issue.

If not, then your pump is clogged or have failed. It’s time to repair or replace your pump.

Before you go crazy, check the discharge line to see if there is any clog. Clear if you have obstructions.

Pop up drain might have an obstruction that must be cleared for normal operation to resume.

Sump Pump Battery Backup Keeps Beeping

Don’t sweat, you should have display tool-tip to help you out.

The example shown here is of watchdog and you can see the “Warning” and “what to do” to help.

I have had situations where sump pump battery won’t stop beeping.  I am going to share my experience.

Now, I don’t know the make and model of your battery pack. So, refer to the manual if you have one.

In any case, you should have a series of LEDs on the display.  When it beeps, you often have some of the LED lights blinking. And it might have a pattern to it too.

This is where the manual will be handy.Basement watchdog alarm keeps beeping

Although, you can look it up online for the make and model and the type of beep or blinking you are getting.

There should some indicator on the display panel to inform what’s wrong.

What I have noticed most often is this.

The battery is draining and there is no active power source charging the battery.

This is by far the most occurring problem.

If there is a power outage and if your battery is near complete discharge you should start to hear this.

The other main reason is battery can’t hold up the charge or there is some end of life failure.  They all fail at some point.

If later is the problem, just get a technician to check or get a new battery.

What Does a Sump Pump Alarm Sound Like?

They are all different.  Zoeller APak is different from the watchdog. Beacon is different from others.

I have come across this question many times as to why does a sump pump alarm sound like.

Zoeller does a Beep-Beep pause and then a Beep-Beep kind of sound.

Watchdog on the other does a constant beep. It’s a pretty sharp sound from what I can hear.

The bottom line is this, my friend.

If you have a water issue, before your basement floods, the alarm is going to annoy you.

It’s designed to annoy you. It will do its thing to get the heck out of your couch.

Take note of it, and act quickly, else you put your valuable at danger.

sump pump Reset alarm button on watchdogHow to Reset Sump Pump Alarm

It’s pretty darn easy.

Every system should come with a test button. That, by the way, is most likely the button to reset too.

Now, before resetting know what that means.

Some reset is instantaneous. Others are a reset for 24 hours.

Now if you do reset the one which wouldn’t beep for 24 hours, make sure you have good reasons to do so.

And keep monitoring the space to make sure you don’t have an accident in the period you silenced the alarm.

Wrapping Up:

Never underestimate the importance of a basement sump pump.  And most important don’t ignore the alarm system that goes with it.

For the alarm system is the one that is going to keep you informed, if something goes wrong.

Appreciate the annoyance and fix the root cause of the issue.

As you know by now, it’s either an interrupted power supply or malfunctioning pump that’s causing this.

Occasionally it will be an extreme weather condition that’s dumping too much water that the pump can’t handle.

In any case, fix the root cause of the issue, rather than resetting the alarm.

Stay Dry!

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  1. This is very helpful. I have the older yellow and black watchdog box. It’s 10 years old. I hit the reset (white square button) and it continues to sound. I unplugged it and it continues to sound. Even though I’d like to take care of the sump problem, the lound shriek of the alarm is so distracting that I can barely think straight. Maybe my alarm box is actually malfunctioning or is so old that the reset button no longer works.

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