Tricks (How) to Make a Small Bathroom Look (and Feel) Bigger10 min read

Tricks (How) to Make a Small Bathroom Look (and Feel) Bigger10 min read

Most people dream of having a spacious bathroom with a large bath and ample storage space. However, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Here I am going to give you a few tips on how to maximize the space available to you.

It’s all about decluttering. Remove unwanted stuff out. Paint light colors. Have minimum (or) no transitions. Add a lot of lighting and install mirrors. Voila! You will have a powder room or bathroom that looks dramatically bigger than it really is.

Well, here is a bonus tip.

The strategies and tricks that I am going to give you aren’t restricted only to bathrooms or powder rooms.

In fact, use it liberally to any room and you will see a transformation happening in front of your eyes.

Let’s face it.

Every bathroom needs a few fixtures. A toilet, vanity, and a shower. You can’t get rid of those. Period.

However, we can try to organize the bathroom to remove anything that is not needed.

Same works for other rooms. Keep what’s absolutely necessary and shove everything else in the storeroom or closet.

So, are you ready to dive in?

Let’s explore how to make a cute little bathroom (looks) bigger.

I will share a number of tips and hacks to visually increase the space in your bathroom

Trick #1: Take advantage of corners

Corner showers and sinks are a great way to maximize a small space that wouldn’t otherwise have a use.

If you do opt for a shower, make sure you lose the shower curtain or frosted glass and replace it with clear glass.

This way the shower becomes a focal point of the room and opens up the space making the room seem bigger.

Some baths today have also been shrunk to still allow baths in the smallest of bathrooms so have a good look around, you may just be able to fit one in.corner shower to maximize the powder room space

Trick #2. One color tone for your bathroom

What makes a small bathroom look smaller?

Well, if I tell you that, you can do the reverse of it and it should technically make it bigger or at least make it look not that small.

When you have different shades in different walls, and a flooring with a completely different color, you are just slicing the space up.

You are visually drawn to each sliced up space and thOne tone and minimal transitions makes the bathroom biggerat gives you an illusion of a smaller room.

Because you are looking at several smaller pieces (of walls and floor) put together.

This is the problem.

Now, the solution, as I mentioned, is the exact opposite.

Keep everything the same tone and color.

I know you are not going to paint the floor and will choose a tiling product.

What you do is this.

First get the tile selected. Then keep it at a distance to find the base color that’s dominant in the tile.

You then match your paint color with the dominant tile color.

If you go with that color, you are pretty sure to have a bathroom full of the same value and color tone.

That’s the first hack to increase the visual space in a tight bathroom.

Trick #3. Use soft pastel paint

Soft light colors not only make your bathroom seem bigger, but they are also soothing colors, perfect for those long soaks in the bath after a busy day at work.

If you are a person who prefers dark bold colors you can bring these into your accessories, towels and bath mats for example.

However, I don’t like to bring the dark colors in any form into a tiny bathroom.

This is the mantra that you need to remember: “Light is bright and that shows everything bigger”.

Trick #4. Open the windows

If you have windows in the bathroom, use it.

Get rid of the shutters and curtains (hopefully you have a stained glass 😉).

You can’t compare anything with the natural light.  Just letting the natural light in makes your bathroom fresh and big.

Well, if you have plain (see-through) windows, then find a window shade that can shine the light but has some texture to keep your privacy.

Trick #5. Maintain the same color on walls and ceiling

I know, I know.

Your frowning upon this idea. Because your contractor, painter and even your brother-in-law suggested a different idea.

Always white on ceilings and color on walls. Right?

Well, that’s a great idea, but here is the exception.

You need minimum transitions as possible in a tight spot. So, painting the same wall color on to your ceiling is going to make the room look bigger.

When you have odd shapes in any of the rooms, those shapes will visually chop the room up.

Painting the same color will blend it all in and create a bigger one piece instead of multiple sections.  That’s your hack to work around odd walls and ceilings.

Trick #6. Keep the room light and bright

If you prefer your bathroom to be tiled this is again a good way of making it seem larger, however, try and stick to light colors again.

You can’t go wrong with crisp white tiles. Dark tiles may give the illusion that the room has been drawn in and is smaller than it actually is.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with darker colors, just keep in mind that it may make your space seem reduced.

Trick #7. Ceiling-high tile in the shower

It’s expensive to finish the tile with bullnose.  Check the price of a tile and the bullnose.

Bullnose is just a couple of inches wide and it’s going to cost three times your tile.

It’s cheaper to install a tile and run the tile all the way up to the ceiling.

Reason for this hack is this.

Your shower looks taller, making the room look taller. You don’t have multiple sections or transitions on the wall, making it all one and the same.

I hate when builders leave a bit of space at the top. It’s expensive and too much work and makes your bathroom looks small.

Trick #8. Accessories

Lighting is a fantastic way to expand a small room.

A small chandelier on the ceiling will draw the eye upwards making the ceiling seem higher and therefore the room bigger.


If you have a shower curtain, instead of glass doors, then move the curtains up.  Pretty much close to the ceiling.

That will naturally draw the eyes up and make the room look taller and bigger than it is.

Bathmat:clear glass shower door opens up the bathroom and make it look bigger

Well, I hate to repeat this.

When you have a bath mat in the bathroom, I am pretty sure that is a different color from the floor.

That will slice your space up, making the room smaller.

So, remove the bathmat when not in use.

I know you hate to not have a mat. (My wife does the same ☹)

In that case, get a bathmat to match the color and décor of the bathroom floor.

At least try to blend it.

Trick #9. Clear glass for your shower

Get rid of textured glass and switch over to a clean glass.  (And keep it spotless)

What you are looking for is to borrow the shower space and add to the bathroom’s overall space.

With textured glass, you create separate space even though light can shine through.

Clear glass just become invisible, even though you can notice it, making the space bigger.

Move the curtains:

What if you don’t have a glass enclosure and door?

Simple, my friend.

When not in use, move the shower curtain all the way to the other side.

This opens up the room, making your bathroom bigger.

Now you should choose which side you are going to move.  It’s is the side which will be least obstructive for the view.

Trick #10. Add Mirrors to create an illusion

Mirrors are a god sent for interior designers.

Some will not work without using mirrors somehow to change the theme, look and feel etc.

For us though, it is a must for this project.

Have you ever wondered why a salon looks bigger for some reason? In fact, it will still be occupying the same space as the next-door take-out restaurant.

Mirrors do the magic!

Add mirrors generously to visually double the space instantly.

You can think of using multiple mirrors to create an artistic touch to the setup.

Run mirrors all the way to the ceiling.  This will make it grand.

Secondly, you don’t want a transition (between the mirror and wall). It literally fools someone that the room is really twice the size. I kid you not.

Adding light on or in front of the mirror will reflect the light and make the room even brighter.Make your bathroom looks 10 times bigger using mirrors

Image above has a lot of things right for us to learn from (even though the design and cabinets are a bit dated).

First, using mirrors, space just doubled, to say the least.

Using light very light colored paint, lightened up the room. Again making it bigger.

Lights in front of the mirror reflect more light, brightening up the bathroom even more.

There is a trick in this bathroom with respect to the placement of mirrors.

It’s a wall-to-wall mirror, so the transition between wall and ceiling just dies off.  And the mirror is just in front of the wall that has windows.

It feels like the room has four windows and natural light oozing in from every corner.

Trick #11. Run the same floor to different areas in the bathroom

Again, we are talking about minimizing the transition, here.

What you need to think of is the flow. If you have a stand shower space the rest of the bathroom, you will be tempted to use different tiles.

Resist that temptation and run the same tile to all the spots. This expands the room in all direction creation a roomier feeling.

Trick #12. Redo your closets

This is a demo and rebuilds project that you must try when you are remodeling.

You can be creative with how you use the storage space.

Think about how you can borrow space (which you thought were not available).

Recess your cabinets:

Recess the closet space into the wall is a great idea.  Create a space to store shampoo and soap in your shower.

Extra 4 inches that’s going waste can be utilized here.  So, you can get rid of any extra storage.

Same goes for your jeweler and medicine cabinets.  Tray to borrow space between the studs and use it efficiently.

Wood cabinets instead of drywall:

Instead of building linen closet out of walls, use wood.

Your typical drywall is an expensive build. Think about it, you have a 2×4 stud, then two pieces of ½ inch drywall on both sides.

That’s a damn waste of space.  Did I tell you, you will waste that much on both the sides?

The better option is to build the linen closet out of wooden cabinets.

That’s right. Get the one used in the kitchen and use it in the bathroom instead.

Get a good high-quality plywood-based cabinet.  You must get one that goes from wall to ceiling.

Plywood is going to half an inch thick and is going to be very sturdy. That’s a total of 1 inch on both the sides.

This alone is going to help you gain 8 inches in all those shelves.

Trick #13. Get rid of any clutter

(I promise, just this one and I will stop)

The busier your bathroom is the smaller it will seem. Putting cupboards on the wall for all your toiletries will also maximize the room and open up the remaining floor space.

Try not to have any items on display that you don’t use every day, these can be stored in the linen closet leaving your surfaces clear and minimal.

Again, this little tip will make your room seem larger.


Hopefully, these tips will allow you to make the most of your bathroom.

You can implement all the hacks provided or pick and choose a few.

In any case, the easiest to do would be to declutter, paint light colors, add light and mirrors.

It need not be expensive. But if you apply just a handful of these tips, you will literally transform the space.

Having a small bathroom is not the end of the world, follow these few tips and your bathroom could soon be the focal point of your home. Enjoy!

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