Do You Want to Be A Guest Writer?

Are You Passionate about Home & Garden? And Love to Write?

Basement Gurus keeps the door open (always) for new guest writers to join the team.

Do you think you have a unique voice and have the urge to write?  We get it.  We are a passionate bunch like you are.

Never second think yourself. Even if you have a full-time job and only can crack a post or two here and there, that is fine.

As long as you have the passion and knowledge we are totally cool with it – whether it’s one or hundred articles.

We have just 3 simple requirements:

  • Be passionate and be knowledgeable on the subject
  • Love to write
  • Stay within the home and garden space (preferable home improvement)

What are the Benefits?

Good questions.  Here are the key few.

  • Tap into BasementGurus.com’s audience and gain exposure to organic traffic for your work (in the home and garden space)
  • You get an author bio (byline). And you get full credit for your post
  • An authority backlink to your website

What Content Should You Post on Basement Gurus?

Warning: We want authentic content, not a spammy one.

Our focus is to give our readers the best information possible. We want to provide as much value as possible.

A lot of inspiration combined with the best information is all we strive for.

We want our readers to fold the sleeves and get dirty. If you can show a step-by-step DIY stuff, excellent.

Or if you want to relate to something and provide tips, that is fine too.  As long as it’s fresh and unique, we are game.

We don’t differentiate between articles and posts. However, at Basement Gurus, we have three different content types (roughly) and have different length requirements for each of those.

Answering the Public (1500 words and above)

This is mostly answering a specific question. Mostly something that is specific. (e.g. how to put plumbing in concrete floor)

Pillar Post (2500-Words and above)

This falls in between the two.  It covers a broader topic. Much bigger than a specific question, but not the ultimate resource.

Think of pillar as a staple content piece. Or a section of the ultimate guide.

Ultimate Guide (3500 Words and above)

This is probably the best resource that the reader can get. It is thorough and has a bunch of references, photos, and in some cases videos

Want to write for us?

Guideline for Writing and Submission

Our number #1 goal is to inspire our readers. So, if you are passionate about the piece that you are developing, we are sure it would do the same to our readers.

We need a unique voice – your voice – in any of your writing

  • We don’t have an upper limit on the word count, but it must be at least 1200 words.
  • PROOFREAD before submitting. We may make minor changes to improve clarity, without compromising the integrity of your piece. Any improvement (or grammar fixes) is to improve your article and not to offend.
  • People love to see rather than to read. So, provide 2 pictures at a minimum – One features image and another to go into the article. There are no upper limits.
  • Provide images where you have copyrights on. Or include with proper credits and attributions
  • We want full disclosure to protect everyone. And we need you to provide the source with facts, stats, quotes, or studies.
  • Send us a sample, or link to your blog and provide ideas to get started.