Brick Mailbox Designs – The Ultimate Design Guide (a.k.a. Letterbox)17 min read

Brick Mailbox Designs – The Ultimate Design Guide (a.k.a. Letterbox)17 min read

Are you looking for inspiration to build your mailbox?  Do you want to just explore the modern brick mailbox designs and check what fits your house?

No one denies that a brick mailbox adds charm to your house.  Real estate agents swear by brick mailbox designed and place well to add curb appeal.

And we all know curb appeal increases the value of the house. So, don’t take it lightly, explore, think, design, plan and execute the perfect stone or brick mailbox plan.

Even the simplest of the brick mailbox design is going to look fabulous.  There are, however, many factors one must consider while designing the brick mailbox.   We’ll cover that and see a lot of brick mailbox design ideas, so you could make your house prettier.

How to DIY Design your Brick Mailboxes

Think of this as a building block with 5 parts to the design. You can pick and choose a design from each to come up with your own.

The design building blocks would be 

  1. Top of the Brick Mailbox
  2. The base of the Brick Mailbox
  3. Newspaper Holder
  4. The mailbox that sits within the Base
  5. House Number on the brick mailbox
  6. Decorative features addition

There are a few design types within each and the permutation combination of these gets you the umpteen number of designs you see all over.

And then you should consider certain other factors such as the placement of the mailbox, height, width, and depth of the brick mailbox, the color of the bricks, etc.

Before you start building check your local village, town or county for guidelines. Here’s one.

Top of the Brick Mailbox Designs

Standard Arch Top (A.K.A Roundtop brick mailbox)

This is a good design and will match the house that has a lot of semi-circle shaped objects on the structure. 

You will be chopping the sides of the brick to get an angle and place them in such a way to make the semi-circle or rounded top.

How to Build a round top brick mailbox
A Work-in-progress and a Finished Roundtop Brick Mailbox

Try now to break it by hand.  Get a masonry saw that can cut stones and use it to make precision cuts.  If the front of the brick has chipped edges it will look awful.

This the trickiest finish for a DIY bricklayer.  So if you have a level of confidence to try this.

Capstone Flat Top

Capstone flat top for brick mailbox that is always in style and is elegant

Capstone top is the simplest, easiest and makes for a perfect finish. All you do is finish laying the brick and make sure you are level all the way to the top. 

Then you put in mortar and place the capstone on top and you are done.  You get the premade capstone so it will have a perfect industrial finish to it and hide some flaws that you would have left behind.

Flat Brick Top

If you don’t want to spend more money on capstone but need a simpler finish, you should try a flat brick top finish.

You will lay the bricks on the side to show a dimensional difference between the base and the top. But it’s easy.  Space them nice and even and put mortar in between bricks and you are done.

Eyebrow Arch Top

Eyerbrow top Brick mailbox (letterbox) that is stylish yet has a ver small curve

This isn’t flat to the top, but not a full semi-circle as in rounded top, but it is in between.

It has a slight curve to it much like your eyebrows, so the name.  To get this finish, you need to make cuts with the diamond blade masonry saw again.  

But this time around your angle of cuts will be very shallow. Since the angle is shallow once you place it evenly the curve becomes less obvious and forms the top of the eyebrow.

Steeple Top

Easy Installation no cut Steeple top brick mailbox

This matches well with the roof type  If you do have a lot of steeple roof and you want to pull the same design element into your brick mailbox, then you need a steeple top design.

Steeple top is easier but gives a richer look.  You don’t need to trim the top layer of bricks, so that gives a perfect industrial finish on the top layer. 

However, there will be gaps between the flat layer below and the top layer of brick, so you come up with some filler bricks. You need to cut them with a masonry saw to get a good finish.

This design is definitely forgiving as all your cuts go in as filler bricks.

Gable Top

Gable top has a small curvature but closely resembles Steeple top brick mailboxes

A step high arch is easier to obtain and does not require precise fitting and cutting off the brick that most of the other designs require.

Gable top is easier to achieve but it may also be trickier if you don’t measure perfectly.  At heart, Gable top design is not more than a step high arch with a pointed peak.

You do need a precise cut and measurement for every layer of bricks you lay.  You may want to stand a few feet behind and check the shape. Measure the distance using tape to be as precise as possible.

Brick Step Top

This is fairly straightforward.  You need to create a step pattern near the top. The way you achieve is to turn the bricks sideways on every step and reduce a brick as you layer them.

Multi-angled Brick Top

Use your creativity to come up with any design.  Cut bricks to match the design you have created and use mortar to space them to achieve your desired result.

Projecting Courses

If you want simple but still add some design elements and definition to the structure, project courses might be the way to go.

The Base of the Brick Mailbox Designs

Straight or Flat Base

Simple Standard Base

It’s simple, elegant and let the brick does it’s talking.

Arched Base

The arched base is mostly straight, but a few layers in the middle of the base starting coming out by a few inches.  The net result is a nice arched look. It’s dated design and I don’t see it bring done lately.

You should the masonry saw to do precise cut on the filler bricks though.  It’s a little more intensive. You should think of the weight transfer while construction and design the angle correctly. 

Quoin Corners 

Quoin corners make a statement. When you have one or more horizontal layer of brick (a.k.a courses of brick) offset from others then that pattern is called Quoin corners.  Usually, the layer protrudes by a few inches. It gives depth and body to the structure and makes it look more robust and strong.

Quoin Corners have criss-cross brick pattern at corners creating a architectural character for brick mailboxes
Quoin Corners – Left: Brick Building | Right: Brick Mailbox

Many homes, especially build with brick or brick veneers will have some indent in its courses of brick.  If you want to match the style of the home then accentuating a few layers of brick is the right thing to do.

Step up Base

Much like Quoin corners step-up base will also have the indent. It will, however, have several indents coming out or going in to form a step like a pattern.  Steps can be formed on two or four sides of the base. 

I don’t prefer a step up base.  It looks very out of fashion. 

Spiral Base

It’s unique.  The spiral base will turn heads.  But it’s only stylish if you have other spiral elements in your house.

Brick Mailbox with Spiral Base

If you are not careful enough you will end up with a good looking spiral base but that doesn’t match with the rest of the house.  

House Number Designs (that goes on the brick mailbox)

Cast Stone Number Block

Are you looking for a timeless look? Cast stone house numbers are unbelievable stylish and very attractive.  It complements the brick and stone mailboxes.

It does come with a cost as it must be custom made.  But the look is priceless and will make your house worth more.   It is also very noticeable from a distance and solves the purpose.

House number for brick mailbox - brass, bronze and cast stone
Brass, Bronze and Cast Stone House Numbers

Brass Number Plate

House numbers on Brass plate is definitely attractive and does provide a richer look to the mailbox. 

Since brass is a metal you expect them to oxidize and give an aged look after a few months of constant exposure to the elements.

If you already have a brick mailbox and you want to add house number to it, brass is indeed an option to consider.  You just take the brass number plate and screw it over the place you want to number to go – it’s simple on installation.

Other Metal Number Plate

A more modern house number plate is getting something done out of other metals.  Mostly using iron or steel plates.  

There is an increasing trend in getting a stencil cut of the number on the steel plate (brushed nickel finish) and placing it over the base.  This is costly as you will be custom ordering it.

Now unlike brass plate where the number happens to be on the plate, the stencil cut acts as negative space and brings the chic, modern look.

Additional using a strip LED behind the number plate takes the look of the numbers at night to a whole different level.

If you want to save money, but get a similar look, find premade steel number that you can buy off Amazon or a hardware store and stitch it together.

This is also called a floating number style.  You could also add a backlight to make it pop at nights.

Vinyl Numbers

This is the cheapest house number option you have there.  This is also an option if you want to place the house number after the brick mailbox construction is complete.

In any case, the life of vinyl numbers is limited to a few years and will need to be replaced.  Sticking over the brick is out of the question as vinyl needs a soft plain surface.  

So either you go with a plastic plate and screw it on the brick.  The other option is to stick the number on the face of the mailbox itself.

Newspaper Holder Design for Brick Mailbox

Single and Double Newspaper Holders

Square or Rectangular Newspaper Holder

Look for what your top finish looks like and find the type that will resonate. A rectangle or square goes well with a flat top.

When you are working with clay flue liners, you will get them in rectangular, square and rounded shapes.   But if you are with PVC you can’t get a square or rectangular pipe.

Cylindrical Newspaper Holder

Use 6 inch PVC sewer pipe to make

A rounded top perfectly balances the look of a rounded newspaper holder.  You have the option to go with Clay or PVC as they both come in the cylindrical shapes.

PVC Newspaper Holder

Head over to your home improvement store and grab a foot or two of 6 inch PVC pipe.  They are in the plumbing section and ask for a remnant sewer pipe. Usually, those are free. 

Normally they are 10 feet wide and run $10, but you don’t want that much.

Clay Newspaper Holder

Again, you can find it in your hardware store or a specialty store that has chimney related products.  

Chimney clay flue liners are what you are looking for.  You don’t need to cut them, as they come in 8-inch lengths.

Metal Newspaper Holder

Brick mailbox with Metal newspaper holder and the uninstalled newspaper metal holder

This is something that you will have to go to a metalworking shop and get it done.  If you need a metal newspaper holder, you can get whatever design custom made.

I haven’t seen people doing this due to cost. But if you have an embossed metal numbering and need your Newspaper holder to match the design, you may do so.

Single, Double and Triple Holder Options

The number of Newspaper holder is an option you must consider. Do you get a magazine, a newspaper and a few others delivered regularly, then you may consider having two or three.

In this day and age, we are all digital.  More than 80% of the brick mailboxes have no Newspaper holder.  I think you should be fine with just one.

Other Brick Mailbox Design Options

Rounded or arched top Mailbox

This is the most you would see.  It has a flat three sides and a rounded top.  If you have a rounded brick mailbox top, then it will gel perfectly. 

I do see the rounded mailbox with any top design, even though I prefer it to go with a rounded brick mailbox top.

round mailbox fits the round top for a brick mailbox column

But for DIYers, this might be a problem.  How are you going to place your brick around the rounded top? You will be laying the bricks in a horizontal manner and will need to cut precisely.

For this reason, I prefer to go with a rounded top when I have a rounded mailbox. They complement each other

Square Mailbox

Square Mailbox for brick mailbox and when placed in a column
Square Mailbox and When Placed in a Column

This is perfect for any type of mailbox top or mailbox base designs. You can lay bricks and place the mailbox just in between those bricks. It has a nice and clean look to it too.

Lockable Mailbox

You may choose to get a rounded top or a square mailbox.  The default choice of homeowners is a plain box with no locks.

Are you in rough neighborhoods? Do you get a lot of checks in your mailbox?  Or do you run a business out of your home office and get confidential mails delivered frequently.

You are better off getting a post box at your local shipping and mailbox store.  But if you are gung-ho about getting those to your mailbox then get a lockable mailbox.

This is the most secure. You could get a lockable mailbox with a small slit for the mailman to drop it in.  Or find a mailbox that is complaint with USPS so your mailman can open and place, but no one else can (other than you of course 😉 )

Decorative Features Addition to Brick Mailbox

Planter Boxes Addition to Brick Mailboxes

Planter boxes adds a nice decoration to the mailboxes and increases the curb appeal

If you don’t like the bland look of the mailboxes and grass, you may choose to plant some small flowering plants around the base of the brick mailbox.

However, if you end up having the brick mailbox on a concrete platform – driveways, sidewalks, etc. you may be out of luck. 

The best then is to build a planter box around the base of the mailbox base

You could choose to have the planter box one side or both sides. Fill in dirt into the box, plant nice flowering annuals and some plant to show the texture and fill it up with mulch. 

Brick mailbox flag

It is a very dated look to add a flag to the brick mailbox.  It will help open the mailbox to place mail in it. 

But nowadays the mailboxes are designed to have a small tab that can help open the front of the mailbox without needing any special flag.

Double brick mailbox

This is not a decorative feature, however, you may consider doing it when you have a situation.

If you have a duplex house and need multiple mailboxes then a double mailbox design is the one to go with.

Putting it All Together

There you have it.  Take those building blocks and see what you like.  

Mix and match what you want to match the design you have in mind.  You should definitely consider comparing the design elements to that of what’s on the exterior of the house.

Thrown in other ideas such as mixing matching the color and texture of the bricks you can create a lot of variations.

Never forget to add some modern look by adding some backlight if you are using metal numbers.  

End result will be a Brick mailbox that suits your mind and that perfectly complements the house. Afterall your house deserves a great-looking brick mailbox.