Hello, Fabulous… My name is Venkat and I am the person behind BasementGurus.com.  I don’t have much to write about me. It’s all about you and creating value through blogging.

I don’t act as if I am an expert and know everything.  I own and manage several houses and as a part of it I end up folding my sleeves and swinging hammers every so often.  This is an outburst of my experience.

Stay tuned and Enjoy as we both learn together.

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  1. I know the answer is here somewhere, but can you help with question. My grandkids want to play their music in my unfinished basement. Im reading that the ceiling of basement is all I need to soundproof so I don’t hear much . Does that mean there is no need to proof the walls? For now the goal is to reduce the sound I hear. Perhaps covering the walls with proofing material is more for their benefit of sound quality? We’re thinking sound foam squares for now, as $ is an issue. That you

    • Hey Barbara, Soundproofing the ceiling will give you the most bang for the buck. Because the ceiling is where two floors meet and the sound travels. If you have the budget and need a studio-quality room in the basement, you need to soundproof walls and ceiling. Hope this helps!

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